What is securedUSB™?

a quartet of lockssecuredUSB™ is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind Data Loss Prevention solution that harnesses 256-bit AES encryption to protect the entire storage volume and sensitive data that's been specially copied to a securedUSB™ drive.


Conventional Data Copy Protection

Statistics show that internal threats, such as data leaks, data loss (intentional and unintentional) and data theft are more significant than external threats. Data leaks may be perpetrated by employees, business partners, consultants, vendors, and others who have access to sensitive company data.


Organizations implement a variety of security systems such as port-based device access control and document security solutions. Unfortunately, port-based access control can be bypassed, while document security is too costly for many SMBs. Moreover, these solutions do not prevent sensitive data from being copied onto someone’s local drive.


There is a better way to prevent data leaks.


securedUSB™ Data Fencing Technology

At the heart of securedUSB™ Data Fencing technology is a password-protected, encrypted, and user-authenticated USB key that fully prevents data contained within it from being emailed, copied, printed, screencaptured or in any way extracted from the USB key.


Once users log in and provide authentication by running the application and providing the proper password, the encrypted data is automatically decrypted for use; users can edit, create, and work on files contained in the securedUSB™ key within the key for which they are given permissions, but they cannot extract any of the data from the USB key without proper clearance or administrative authority. When the work session is complete, the user simply unplugs the key from the client computer, and data is automatically encrypted. There is never a footprint or trace left on the client device. Company data remains secure in the USB key – always.


The optional securedUSB™ central management console makes it easy to set and manage group and individual policies, generate audit reports, and perform remote data deletion.

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of data breaches are caused by human error and system glitches.


source: Symantec 2013 Cost of Data Breach

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