Frequently Asked Questions
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Q.  How do I reset my password on my securedUSB™ Copy-Protected USB Drive?PLEASE NOTE: as a security feature, resetting the password will also remove all contents of the drive. ANSWER: Open iguardDATA.exe and click Cancel when prompted for a password. Find the iGuardDATA logo on the bottom right of the Windows taskbar, and right-click on the icon. Click on Factory Reset as shown to the right. Click OK when prompted to format the securedUSB™ key. Click OK again when you are asked to reconfirm your decision. Reformatting takes a few moments and you will see the message "SecuredUSB™ has been formatted." Click OK. Your reformatted securedUSB™ key is ready to be used again.Q. Whom do I contact regarding issues about my securedUSB™ product(s)?ANSWER: You may contact the dealer from whom you purchased your securedUSB™ Copy-Protected USB Drive or appliance. Failing that, Foreseeson Technology may be contacted via any of the methods below. Please ensure that you have your original receipt ready and be sure to detail the specific issue(s) you are experiencing with your securedUSB™ product(s). EMAIL: TELEPHONE: (604) 233-0247
FAX: (604) 233-0248
Q. What is the warranty on securedUSB™ products?ANSWER: All securedUSB™ products are covered by a 1-year limited warranty from the original date of purchase. Additional 1-, 2-, and 3-Year Extended Protection Plans are available for securedUSB™ copy protection appliances. Please visit the Forewebstore securedUSB™ product page to purchase or learn more.




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source: Online Trust Alliance 2014 Data Protection & Breach Readiness Guide