by 2020, it is predicted that enterprises and governments will fail to protect


of sensitive data; they will declassify/grant broad or public access to it.


source: 2014 Gartner Top Predictions for ITOrganizations and Users

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Case Studies

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Insider internet security breaches caused by employees are rising quickly within Canadian government departments and agencies.




Government organizations are trusted with the personal information of the public and, as such, must maintain vigilance and set policies to ensure that this information never gets into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and the most stringent security policies can lead to leakage or loss of confidential data and information due to human error.
The securedUSB™ Secure Eco System offers a simple and practical solution. The combination of the unique features of the encrypted securedUSB™ Copy Protection USB Key and the securedUSB™ secure-net ™ provides a secure and protected environment in which all sensitive data, files and information reside. Mobile and remote workers are free to work, edit, share and otherwise utilize important files within this secure environment, regardless of their location.
Sensitive information never leaves the securedUSB™ secure-net™ and cannot be copied, printed, emailed, or otherwise leaked to anyone outside of the work group. Information and data cannot be purposefully replicated outside the secure environment, and no trace or footprint is ever left on any computer. These security policies are automatically extended to contractors, service providers, and any other non-governmental group that may require access to or use of this sensitive data – simply by issuing the sensitive or confidential data and files on an Encrypted securedUSB™ Copy-Protected USB Drive.
For mission critical applications, the Encrypted securedUSB™ Copy Protection USB Key and the securedUSB™ secure-net ™ offers a unique 2 way encrypted communication feature so that files can be transmitted to and from the IGD Container Manager all within the secure, encrypted and discreet securedUSB secure-net ™ instantly. Supervisors can have immediate access to files and work delivered via an SSL Link from any remote or mobile location.
This PASSIVE protection ensures a level of vigilance to compliance and adherence of the security policies that cannot be matched. No special actions or precautions are required by the user of the device – like any standard USB storage device, the Encrypted securedUSB™ Copy Protection USB Key is plug and play.



718 data breaches have happened in the education sector including K-12 since 2005. Recorded breaches range from lost laptops with sensitive information to targeted cyberattacks





Today’s students are more mobile and technologically savvy than ever before. This, coupled with the fact that much – if not all – of the curriculum today is online, or available in some digital format that can be easily copied and transmitted, can lead to outright copyright infringement.



With a securedUSB™ Copy-Protected USB drive, educational content – such as course material, digital textbooks, or a professor’s video lecture – on a securedUSB Copy-Protected USB Drive is protected against unauthorized transmission and copying of copyrighted curriculum material, while at the same time allowing students to do their school work.

Financial organizations represent 37% of all data breaches, the most of any vertical.






Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, payment card companies, accounting firms, have spent millions deploying security infrastructures designed to keep sensitive customer information from getting into the wrong hands and causing irreparable damage.


Due to a growing list of government security regulatory compliance laws that financial companies are bound to comply with, it is critical that their data be secured at all times, in all places.


As the number of your mobile employees and contractors grows in financial services, so does the risk of data leakage and failure to comply with the mandates imposed by regulations.


Your compliance efforts can be compromised with startling ease if mobile employees fail to safeguard their mobile digital data and your customers’ records and financial data they take on the road.



A securedUSB™ Copy Protected USB Drive prevents financial data from being leaked, and eliminates the risk of exposing the confidential company/customer information. Moreover, it can help ensure that your company maintains regulatory compliance, while providing an audit trail, should you require it.

Healthcare experiences the most costly data breaches at $233 per lost record, followed by financial services at $215 and
pharmaceuticals at $207




Securing confidential patient data is more important than ever, and it demands a comprehensive security solution built around strong encryption, robust identity management, and policy-based data management.


This is especially true as hospitals and healthcare providers, insurers, pharmaceutical companies and others increase their ranks of mobile workers who carry or remotely access personally identifiable health information.


Due to a lengthening list of regulations and standards, leakage of that information ― through theft, malware, spyware, or just plain carelessness ― can come with serious consequences.



Whether your data is within the confines of the hospital or medical office, or outside of it, you can be assured that patient data is protected with a securedUSB™ Copy-Protected USB Drive.