7 Benefits of securedUSB™ Copy Protection Technology


reasons to

consider using securedUSB™ Copy Protection

Ease of Use and Deployment

The USB appliance works like a standard USB flash drive; no special training is required. Just plug-and-play to use it.


Low Initial Costs/TCO

Cost of deployment is the same as deploying Encrypted and Secure USB devices to the workforce. Total cost of ownership can be minimized, as devices can be repurposed/reprovisioned for job and project specific needs–for employees, third-party contractors, or service providers.


Works with Existing Infrastructure

the securedUSB™ Key works on any Windows-based PC with a USB port. It is interoperable with a wide range of existing applications and tools. No special software/hardware/upgrades are required.


Complete End-to-End Control

the Data Fence network and Data Container Manager can be controlled via the securedUSB™ Data Fence Control Panel on the securedUSB™ Server.


The Data Container Manager application offers real-time management and complete control of data, users, permissions, security levels, and provisioning, as well as data tracking, audit and reporting capabilities.


Remote wipes can disable or completely wipe data from a lost or stolen device. All of this can be done onsite or remotely via a secure, encrypted AES 256-bit connection.

A Solution to Endpoint Security

The weakest link in any secure network is the endpoint – the component where the user must decrypt the data in order to perform work. Once the data is decrypted and viewed, security measures rely upon the conscientious actions of the user.


Human error or failure to adhere to security policy standards - even purposeful duplication or copying of sensitive information – can result in data leaks and data loss, which can have catastrophic results to the enterprise.


With the securedUSB™ Data Fencing Structure, the endpoint is fully secured.

Even the endpoint is encompassed WITHIN the security of the Data Fence - data, files and sensitive information are not exposed.


Unique Features

securedUSB™ Data Fencing is unique because it offers automatic, passive protection and security of data, thus removing the potential for human error.


Because data cannot be taken outside of the Data Fence, security policy is always adhered to. However, this unique Data Fencing technology allows users the freedom to actually work on and edit the data, all within the secure framework.


Worry-Free Security Policy Deployment and Automatic Compliance

Security policies and permissions can be customized according to organizational standards. Compliance is automatic; no user intervention is required.